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School's Consultancy

Crossroads Education is an independent business; commencing operation in 2016. The business is designed to provide professional support in; rather than just for, schools, meeting their individual needs and responding to the strategic plan of that school. Professional Learning is tailored to meet the needs of the school staff and their experience levels. A high priority for Crossroads Education is the provision of face to face and sustained support for rural and remote schools. Another priority of the business is to provide registered and appropriate professional learning for casual teachers. This provision will be made by offering Saturday and holiday training times.

Dr Katherine Bricknell has twenty-eight years of experience teaching in rural and remote schools with the Department of Education. Her Master’s thesis was on the provision of literacy support in the latter years of schooling whilst her Doctoral research included a project on Personal Learning Plans and her Doctoral Portfolio on Home-School partnerships in Stage 6. Dr Bricknell has also participated in the development of adult literacy programs with the University of New England’s SiMMER team.

Dr Bricknell has worked as the New England Project Officer for the implementation of PBL in the New England Region. She has been a Head Teacher English, Welfare and Teaching and Learning. Her early career was as a casual teacher gaining experience in a wide range of teaching contexts and subjects.

Crossroads Education is a business in its infancy; however, in Term 1 of 2017, Dr Bricknell has been fully booked by six schools.

Consultancy Opportunities - The support for each school is developed from this suite of opportunities. Dr Bricknell works with staff, students and families and communities according to the needs of the school.

Think it Write it -A Metacognitive approach to writing.

Pedagogy development through Action Research

Whole school literacy

Understanding the ACSF

Classroom Management

Study Skills

SLSO Training

Beginning Teachers support

Crossroads (Year 11 and 12)

Secondary English

Student Wellbeing Programs

Gifted and Talented Student Programs

Public Speaking and Debating

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