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Group Tutoring Programs (English, Maths and Science)

Students work in small groups to focus on developing critical skills required by their subject's syllabus at each Stage of Learning. Each class meets for an hour per week and undertake a carefully and selectively planned program of learning focusing upon meeting the collective and individual needs of that group. Students are encouraged to work collaboratively, critically and creatively; learning to share the joy of discussion and engaging with their peers as well as developing the confidence to discuss and question their own ideas. Students in our Senior groups have seen a wide range of excellent results across the state for the HSC and in rankings for school assessments. Each group is led by an experienced teacher, overseen by Dr. Bricknell.


Our program includes Extension, Standard and Advanced groups for HSC English. We also offer HSC Mathematics, HSC Chemistry and Physics tutoring programs as well as Secondary English groups for years 7-10.


Selective Schools' Test Preparation

Crossroads Education offers two different programs to support students in preparing for Selective Schools Testing. The year long program begins in May of Year 5 and concludes the week prior to the testing. Students develop skills in all four components of the testing, using evidence-backed metacognitive strategies to enhance their approach to various questions. We also offer a short course of 8 hours in the January school holidays which introduces students to the expectations of the test and the skills needed to optimise their examination skills. This assessment is very different to other forms of testing and results are fully contingent on the determination and application of the student. However, our past students have had a high success rate in both acceptance to their nominated school as well as improved school-based results. Each group is planned and led by Dr. Bricknell.

Individual Tutoring 

For those students needing extra support, individual tutoring is available. This focuses on developing core skills through a personal and relatable one-on-one approach, assisting the student in whichever ways they need. Our individual tutors work with students from Kinder to Year 12 with Dr. Bricknell also assisting tertiary students. We have a range of high achieving, experienced tutors for most subjects, including a wide range of Stage 6 HSC subjects.

Homework Coaches

Homework Coaches work with primary students and Stage 4 students supporting them with homework and reading activities. Homework Coaches are high school students who have demonstrated strong learning and communication skills. Homework Coaches are available four afternoons per week. On Friday afternoons, our coaches hold a games afternoon, developing communication, numeracy and literacy skills through activities and board games.


We offer Zoom tutoring for Group Programs, Selective Schools Preparation and Individual Tutoring

English Groups Waitlisted & New HSC Groups Available


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